About Monarch Removals

  • Monarch is a family run business
  • Big or small moves
  • Excellent service from start to finish
  • Full Origin & Destination Services
  • Private & Corporate Relocations
  • Full liability policy
  • Fully Qualified Export Packers
  • Secure Container Storage

Relocating throughout the UK with Monarch Removals

Monarch are offering you a personal service built on trust and backed at every level by professional and experienced personnel. Monarch tailors its service to meet each customer's specific needs, we offer practical help and welcome reassurance at every level. Even on those unusual moves, Monarch will smooth the way, Door-to-Door.

Contact Monarch on 0800 999 1441 or Email: info@monarch-movers.com, for your FREE extensive survey by one of our Relocation Surveyors. It gives you the chance to discuss your particular needs, look at potential problem areas and devise specific solutions to suit you.

Monarch Removals

What you can expect from Monarch on your moving day

Q. Are professional removal vehicles used for my relocation?

A. Yes, Monarch vehicles are sign written with interiors designed for the purpose of moving household or office effects. Each vehicle as standard has ties, blankets and extra card for securing and protecting your items. Extra boxes, tape, bubble and tools will also be present on the day of your move as well as rails and covers for your hanging garments. Should you need assistance, our professional uniformed staff is also there to help.

Q. Do Monarch ensure that my old and new property is taken care of?

A. Yes, Monarch staff will protect floors where needed and also wrap banisters in cloth blankets. These cloth blankets not only protect the banisters, but also the furniture.

Q. Is all my furniture and effect protected?

A. Yes, all items are protected with card and cloth blankets on the vehicles. When it is raining items will be covered by blankets before leaving the premises. Sofas and armchairs are protected using purposely made padded covers, mattresses are put into bags. All of this is done prior to leaving the premises so you can see your furniture being cared for.

Q. What is done with hanging clothes?

A. As previously mentioned all vehicles have hanging rails on board as standard. The hanging garments can be taken straight from your wardrobes and put onto the rails and then protected with nylon covers. These rails need to be unloaded at the new property but if you need hanging garment storage we can provide you with wardrobe cartons at a cost of £14.99 + VAT each.

Q. Can we leave items in drawers and cupboards?

A Any non-breakables, or items that will not spill or leak, can be left in chests of drawers of side boards and the like. Anything on shelves, in cabinets or wardrobes (except your hanging garments) need to be packed into boxes or linen bags.

Q. What happens if something is left behind?

A. Our professional staff will ask you to look around the entire property one last time before closing up the vehicle and heading to the new property. This will ensure that nothing has been missed and avoiding any inconvenience for yourselves.

Q. When the vehicle is unloaded does Monarch check that everything is in the correct places?

A. Yes, once the vehicle is unloaded the crew will tidy the van and clear all debris to ensure that no small items have been forgotten on the vehicle. Once we have done so we will also ask you to check the vehicle. The crew will then ask you if you would like anything moved before finalizing the paperwork.

Q. If a part load is done the day before my moving day, where are my belongings kept over night?

A. The vehicle containing your belongings is taken back to our depot and parked inside our containerized storage unit. Not only is the vehicle locked and alarmed, the storage unit is also alarmed and has 24hr CCTV surveillance.

Q. If my move takes more than one day and the vehicle needs to be away overnight, what is done to protect my belongings?

A. The vehicle is either parked outside your new property or in a lorry park. Not only are the doors padlocked and the alarm set, but the crew also sleeps in the vehicle overnight and the vehicle is never left unattended.

Q. Are my belongings insured?

A. You have a fully comprehensive liability cover up to £50,000 included with your move. If in storage you are covered for £5,000 per 250 cubic feet. Singular items are covered up to £10,000, any singular item valued more than £10,000 will need to be stated separately on the evaluation form provided in your formal quotation. If any extra cover is needed we can arrange it for you.

Q. Once I decide to undertake a move with Monarch, how do I pay?

A. When moving with Monarch there are a number of payment options open to you as the client; credit card (2% charge), debit card, company/personal cheque, bankers draft or cash. All payments, including VAT, must be cleared before the day of the move. All we ask for in return for your packing materials is £100 + VAT (based on a standard box delivery) as a deposit which will be subtracted from the price of the move.